Cooking Mixer

Good Friend Food Machine Co., Ltd produces cooking mixers mainly for food factory, restaurant and eatery. It is to replace human labor. It is suitable for anything needs to be cooked, fried by gas or steam. It can be used widely, for example: restaurant—fried rice, fried noodles, fried vegetables, fried meat and making soup; Factory—bean paste, caramel, sugar, peanut sugar.

Industrial Cooking mixer specializes in food processing. It's reliable and durable. Our cooking mixer offers different types of food processing including normal type cooking mixer, heat conduction type cooking mixer, steam type and thermal insulation type cooking mixer.

Cooking mixers have a wide range of application in dessert. In food mixing, it includes paste, jam, sugar, cream, candy, meat, vegetables, soup, rice and sauce.

Cooking mixers can be used in cooking and mixing for needed heating food.

Details of cooking mixers shown below: :

  1. The type of pots (bowls):
    1. Single-layer pot (bowl): called Basic Type, such as GF-180A.  It’s direct fire, so the heating is really fast.  It’s good for stir-fried dish and ingredients that is not easy to stick on the bowl.  The disadvantage: It’s not suitable for ingredients that are easily being bunt.
    2. Double-layer pot (bowl): (Thermal Insulation Type, Steam Type, Electric Heat Type) -Thermal Insulation(Heat Transfer Oil) Type is being heated up through oil.  For heating the first bowl, it takes longer time, but when the temperature rise up to the higher temperature, it is not easy to lower down, which can conserve the energy usage.
      -Steam Type: For using Steam Type, a boiler equipment is needed. The advantage of using this type is to prevent ingredient being burnt, which can also heat up fast and conserve the energy usage.
      -Electric Heat Type: By using heat transmission as the source of heating.  It’s widely used in an environment that the gas can not be used.
  2. Models:
    1. Basic: GF-180A. GF-180B single-layer pot, with single-layer base.
    2. Insulated: GF-180C (bronze), GF-180D has a single-layer pot and the stove base is double layered, which means that a heat insulating cotton is placed between the layers of the stove base for preventing injuries from burning.
    3. Heat conductive oil model:GF-280A, the GF-280B pot is a double layer. Pot or heat conductive oil type with double layer stove bases which means that a heat insulating cotton is placed between the layers of the stove base for preventing injuries from burning.
    4. Steam model: GF-280S. GF-380 the pot is double-layer pot or steam model.
  3. These are the types of stove bases:
    1. Fixed - this means that after the filling/ingredient is cooked it has to be manually removed.
    2. Pour - this means that after the filling/ingredient is cooked, it can be poured.

      Base on the situation of preventing being burnt: there are Single Stove Base and Double Stove Base.
      Single Stove Base does not prevent from being burnt.
      Double Stove Base has a heat insulation cotton to prevent injury of burning.
  4. Below are the specifications for the cooking mixers:
    50 Liter, 80 Liter, 150 Liter, 200 Liter, 250 Liter, 300 Liter, 320 Liter, 350 Liter, 400 Liter, 450 Liter.
  5. Mixer blades types can be upon customer-requested:
    1. Wooden board (blade).
    2. Polyurethane board (blade) (heat tolerant up to 160℃).
    3. Teflon board (blade) (heat tolerant up to 300℃).
    4. Stainless steel board . (blade)
    5. Copper board. (blade)
  6. We provide quotes for wooden board, polyurethane board and others must be specially purchased and priced.
  7. Standard cooking mixer specifications:
    1. single speed-single speed can be used for any voltage.
    2. Transducer-fine speed adjustment possible.

The Advantages of Cooking Mixers

  • Heat treatment for the high precision gears and steel
  • The constructions are strong and durable
  • Excellence quality and function
  • MIT