Top Secrets about the Food Mixers Structure of Good Friends

Top Secrets about the Structure of Good Friends's Food Mixers    2022-04-25 14:02:37


  1. What are the different types of cooking machines?
  2. Other model and accessories
  3. Epilogue

Our cooking machines are primarily for food manufacturers and restaurants to reduce labor intensity. Ideal for a wide range of applications that need to heat up ingredients like stir fry, boil, stew, etc.

  • For restaurants: fried rice/noodles, stir fry veggies/meats, soup, etc.
  • For food manufacturers: bean paste, stuffing, sauce, sugar, etc.

What are the different types of cooking machines?

Our cooking has different pots and heating methods.

A. Difference in pot materials

  • Single-layer pot
    1. 304 stainless steel, easy to clean
    2. Heat up faster but less evenly.
  • Dual-layer pot
    1. 304 stainless steel, easy to clean
    2. The gap between two layers of stainless steel is filled with thermal conductive oil, more even heating.
    3. Built-in thermometer to monitor the temperature of thermal conductive oil and pressure sensor and pressure relief valve for safety.
    4. Steam heater is compatible with dual-layer.
  • Single-layer copper pot
    1. Copper has higher thermal conductivity, therefore, heats up more evenly than stainless steel.
    2. The cost is higher but more suitable for some applications like syrup or candy.

B. Pot size

The size of the pot is calculated by its volume.
We offer these sizes: 50/80/150/200/250/300/320/350/400/450 Liter.

How to choose the right size? It depends on the ingredients, generally speaking, we recommend filling up 50~70% of the pot. For example, a 50-liter pot could be filled with 35 liters of solid ingredients, but only 30 liters of liquid ingredients.。

C. The base of the machine

  • Regular type: Single layer iron plate with caster for moving.
  • Heat insulated type: Dou layer filled with heat insulation materials. Can reduce heat waste and time to heat up the pot. Also reduce the chance of accidental burn.

D. How the pot is attached

  • Fixed type: The pot cannot rotate, therefore, after cooking, all ingredients need to be removed by hand. When cleaning the pot, the whole pot needs to be removed.
  • Pour type: The pot can rotate; it is easier to pour out all the ingredients and cleaning the pot doesn't need to remove the pot.

E. Different models

We offer a variety of models, to understand what the number means here is a list.

  • GF-180A:Single layer fixed type
  • GF-180B:Single layer pour type
  • GF-180C:Single layer dual type with heat insulation
  • GF-180D:Single layer fixed type with heat insulation
  • GF-280A:Dual-layer fixed type with heat insulation
  • GF-280B:Dual-layer pour type with heat insulation
  • GF-280S:Dual-layer pour type with heat insulation and steam heating
  • GF-380:Fully automatic type

F. Price

Higher the number, the higher the price.

Other model and accessories

A. GF-30T small cooking mixer

GF-30T is a small cooking mixer with a 30-liter pot and full 304 stainless steel construction. Suitable for families or small restaurants. The head can be raised to remove the pot for cleaning.

B. Accessories

  • Spatula materials
    1. Wood: Cheap and suitable for a wide range of ingredients, the only downside is the wood could absorb moisture.
    2. Fiber-reinforced plastic: Can withstand up to 160 degrees Celsius.
    3. PTFE: Food-grade PTFE, can withstand up to 300 degrees Celsius.
    4. Stainless steel: Most durable.
    5. Copper: Slightly less durable than stainless steel.


  1. Wood and PTFE are softer therefore would not damage the pot, other materials need to pour some water or oil to prevent damage to the pot.
  2. The base price only includes wood or fiber-reinforced plastic, other materials will cost more.
  3. Extra thick pot base can be added for single-layer models to reduce the chance of overcooking.
  4. Pour spout can be added for easier pouring.
  5. Pot cover can be added
  6. Variable-frequency drive can be installed to control the speed of the motor.


To demonstrate our commitment to quality products, we only use high-quality parts to extend the longevity of our product.

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